Zack Henderson
Engagement Manager

Based in Washington state, Zack brings over 10 years of strategy development, investment evaluation and operational effectiveness experience in climate change, global health and development, and financial technology.

Zack’s prior strategic work served a range of philanthropic funders, government agencies, multilateral organizations, and for-profit organizations across a broad range of topics including go-to-market planning, impact modeling and portfolio optimization. He began his career with Camber in 2013 where he focused on a broad range of topics from nutrition and maternal and child health to education and climate change, then bridging his career to the technology sector where he led strategy and operations workstreams for a late-stage tech startup focused on financial inclusion. Zack has returned to Camber with a focus on climate change and as a recent graduate of the Learning for Action program.

Zack earned his BA in Finance from the University of Washington in Seattle. A Northwest convert from his childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zack spends as many waking hours as possible in Washington’s mountains and forests either on a bicycle, skis, or on foot. He has a passion for learning how things work, is a do-it-yourselfer to a fault, and loves experimenting with cooking and eating.


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