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Thoughtful advisors. Empathic leaders. Trusted partners.

We believe in the power of multi-disciplinary teams. Our team of strategy consultants brings experiences from the public and private sectors, from Fortune 500 companies and social enterprise startups, and from developed and developing countries around the world. While our experiences are diverse, we share a common set of values: curiosity, humility and a commitment to data and evidence. We lead with listening, not with our own agenda, and apply our sectoral expertise as thought partners. We deliver bespoke services that enable you and your teams to do your best strategic thinking and own your strategic decisions.

Current Openings

Consultant – Paris

ABOUT CAMBER COLLECTIVE  Camber is a strategy consultancy partnering globally to address today’s most urgent challenges—systemically, sustainably, and equitably. We seek to create transformational impact with systemic, sustainable solutions that enable people and...