Freedom House
Championing democracy abroad through research, advocacy and in-country programming

Since its founding in 1941, Freedom House has been a leader in championing democracy abroad, through research (including the flagship annual Freedom in the World report), advocacy, and extensive on-the-ground programs.


Faced with growing isolationism at home and the erosion of America’s own democratic standards, Freedom House engaged Camber Collective to guide the organization through a strategic revisioning process. Freedom House sought to pivot from an organization focused primarily on international programming, and heavily reliant on U.S. government funding, to an organization working on U.S. and global democracy, with a strong, diversified funding base.  


Camber worked hand-in-hand with the organization’s Executive Leadership Team to co-design the new organization by: (1) developing a unifying vision and Theory of Change for the new organization; (2) defining and prioritizing among potential future state activities; (3) conducting a gaps analysis and fundraising feasibility assessment to understand the changes requires between the current and future state; and (4) developing a tactical programmatic and operational roadmap and supporting financial model to guide the transition and set it up for success.