“We Can’t Fix What We Don’t See”: Skoll Forum Panel

Apr 27, 2022Perspectives, Shared Prosperity

On April 8, 2022, Camber Collective hosted a panel as part of skoll economic forum. Enjoy the replay here.

The Mobility from Poverty space lacks a singular organizing purpose—a typical prerequisite for successful field-building. Stakeholders describe and approach their work with unaligned, separate goals—sometimes equal and complementary, but often viewed in competitive tension. This lack of cohesion weakens impact towards the common good.

Camber Collective Managing Partner Ted Schneider hosts Rachel Korberg, ED of the Families and Workers Fund; Gary Cunningham, President/CEO of Prosperity Now; and Mary Bogle, Principal Researcher at the Urban Institute to discuss field building and engender a deeper understanding of the systems and barriers to higher economic prosperity in America.

Considering the shared ambitions of philanthropists, policymakers, sector thought-leaders, activists, and civil society, we welcome attendees from across sectors of social impact. Enjoy the replay here.