Melissa Flores

Melissa leverages her background in quantitative analysis and research to support clients’ strategic decision-making centered around social impact. Prior to Camber, Melissa worked as consultant at the UN World Food Programme, providing operational and programmatic support to the organization’s global food security monitoring initiative. Melissa began her career as a financial consultant, working on risk mitigation strategies for Consumer and Healthcare clients in the United States. She holds an M.A. in International Development from Sciences Po’s Paris School of International Affairs and a B.A. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

Posts by Melissa Flores

Greater Freedom, Lower Inequality?

This discourse aims to initiate a conversation about the effects of freedom (i.e., civil liberties and political freedoms; Freedom House Index) on equality (GINI Coefficient), examining the complex relationship between civil liberties and political freedoms and income distribution through a landscaping of expert opinions and quantitative analysis.
By: Melissa Flores, Brent McCann

Emissions, Climate Change, and Health

In this article, we define the challenge the globe faces at the intersection of climate and health. It illustrates that current investment levels and attention across key funders to the climate-health nexus fall short of the global need. The article also explores several complexities in climate-health funding that may inhibit further investment in space. It concludes with a few key recommendations to approach these challenges.
By: Melissa Flores, Abdel Agadazi