Bethanie Thomas
Partner and Global Functions Lead

Bethanie helps clients make data-driven decisions on strategic direction, enabling them to develop the tools and processes to evaluate and course correct where needed.

Previously, Bethanie spent five years with Deloitte Consulting’s Corporate Strategy practice. She began her career in the nonprofit and public sectors, helping health and human services agencies work more closely together to develop strategies and public policy to address complex health, safety, and social issues.

Bethanie holds an MBA with distinction from the University of Michigan with an emphasis in Corporate Strategy, and received an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Spanish from Grand Valley State University. Bethanie originally hails from Michigan and enjoys spending time with her friends and family at her home outside Seattle.

Posts by Bethanie Thomas

Five ways organizations and funders can advance women’s leadership in global health 

This underrepresentation of women in senior leadership positions has real consequences for the sector. Evidence suggests that when women are in positions with influence and decision-making power, the resulting decisions produce outcomes that are more favorable to girls and women, and advance gender equality over the medium-term. And, under the right circumstances, gender-diverse governance bodies make decisions that are better for organizational health, effectiveness, and profitability. 
By: Brian Bell, Bethanie Thomas

Care about economic mobility, public health, or democracy? Climate change should be an integral part of your impact strategies

Climate change affects all dimensions of human life. A robust climate response requires a transdisciplinary approach that factors climate considerations into all sectors and strategies. Read more about climate’s overlaps with economic mobility, public health, and democracy and opportunities for enhancing impact in this perspective piece by analyst Roxane Sazegar and partner Bethanie Thomas.
By: Roxane Sazegar, Bethanie Thomas