Chidiebere E.X. Ikejemba, Ph.D.
Director of Climate and Environment

Dr. Chidiebere E.X. Ikejemba’s work is focused on Climate & Environment, and encompasses a number of issues, including: Energy Usage & Access, Agriculture & Food Security, Waste Management, Healthcare, Migration, Economic & Rural Development, Climate Education.

Prior to joining Camber, Chidiebere worked for more than 10 years in the Climate & Environment sector, partnering with private and public institutions across Africa and Europe. He has designed and implemented strategies and applicable development models to and/or assist multiple organizations in expanding climate & environmental programs into new markets and regions. A solutions- and results-oriented individual, Chidiebere is passionate about sustainability that optimizes resources and people to maximize short- and long-term value and impact.

Chidiebere holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems with a focus on Enhancing Sustainable Development in developing countries. He also holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, and BScs in Industrial & Systems Engineering and Computer Science. He loves reading about and discussing cross-continental development issues, as well as playing sports and relaxing.

Posts by Chidiebere E.X. Ikejemba, Ph.D.

Just Transition: A Climate Imperative

The concept of "Just Transition" is inexorably linked to Climate Change. It is defined as greening the economy in a way that is as fair, inclusive, and universal as possible. Within a Just Transition framework, decent work opportunities are created, leaving no one behind. Three interconnected principles constitute Just Transition—the Three Es—Equity, Efficiency, and Environmental Friendliness. Let’s take a closer look at each
By: Chidiebere E.X. Ikejemba, Ph.D.