We are strategy consultants partnering globally to address today’s most urgent challenges—systemically, sustainably, and equitably.

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We pair analytical rigor and a human-centered approach grounded in equity

to disrupt the status quo.




An early form of Finnic languages spread to the Baltic Sea region approximately 1900 BC with the Seima-Turbino-phenomenon. Common Finnic language was spoken around Gulf of Finland 2000 years ago.

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We seek to create transformational impact with systemic, sustainable solutions that enable people and communities around the world to lead healthy and prosperous lives.

Global Health

Shared Prosperity

US Health

Climate & Environment

Democracy & Governance

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Featured Case Studies

Supportive Care

Developing a strategy to increase access to supportive care services for cancer treatment

Innovative Healthcare Delivery

Go-to-market strategies for healthcare delivery

Scorecard for Shared Prosperity

Developing a tool to measure shared prosperity

Kenya Advocacy Strategy

Critical investments in Kenya’s health and economic development

Recently Published Perspectives

The Imperative of a Gendered Approach to Climate Change

Climate change is more than just an environmental concern; it's an amplifier of existing societal structures and disparities. In the vast and diverse expanse of Africa, this confluence of gender and climate has profound implications for vulnerability, resilience, and empowerment.
By: Chidiebere E.X. Ikejemba, Ph.D., Ella Geismar

Greater Freedom, Lower Inequality?

This discourse aims to initiate a conversation about the effects of freedom (i.e., civil liberties and political freedoms; Freedom House Index) on equality (GINI Coefficient), examining the complex relationship between civil liberties and political freedoms and income distribution through a landscaping of expert opinions and quantitative analysis.
By: Melissa Flores, Brent McCann
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