We Assert That Black Lives Matter

Jun 1, 2020Camber Values, Perspectives


On May 25th Minneapolis police officers murdered George Floyd while he pleaded for air and his life. His death is one of many in a 400+ year history of white supremacy, structural and institutional racism, exploitation, and indiscriminate violence toward Black people. This incident comes during a pandemic that has laid bare the deep social, economic, and health disparities experienced by Black communities.

We’ve been inspired by the thousands of protesters across all 50 states and in other countries. Individuals and organizations are using their voice and taking action toward the transformational change that is urgently needed in our society and in our institutions.

We want to be clear: Black Lives Matter.

Camber Collective enjoys a position of privilege. We have begun a journey to better understand this privilege, learn how to use our power to amplify the voices and perspectives of marginalized communities, and achieve greater racial equity both within our organization and through our work. And yet we have not done enough. Now is the time for action. In the near-term we are committing to the following steps:

Camber Day for Racial Justice | On Friday 6/5, Camber Collective closed for all client and internal work. Our team dedicated the day to racial justice and racial equity work. This work has and will continue to take different forms for our people, including protest, learning and dialogue, self-care, processing, and healing. We encourage you to join us or to carve out time for your own action.

Funding for Racial Equity | We established a matching fund for staff donations to 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations focused on Racial Justice and Equity. We aim to deploy funds quickly to those organizations and programs that are fighting racism, supporting protesters, and advancing systemic racial equity.

Learning and Action | We re-committed to our journey of listening and learning, achieving our racial equity focused diversity, equity and inclusion goals, and most importantly taking action to lift up Black, Indigenous and People of Color and their communities, and fighting institutional and structural racism at Camber, in the US and abroad.  

We recognize the need to be anti-racist allies, and we look forward to working together to dismantle white supremacy to address the injustices and systemic oppression so deeply ingrained in our society, and make racial equality a reality.

–The Camber Collective Team