Benjamin Jenson

Ben works with clients on customer insights and strategy, including intervention analysis, implementation and investment planning.

Previously, Ben managed partner evaluation and recruitment for the online fundraising network SeeYourImpact, cultivating relationships with over 50 organizations in 18 countries. He is also the co-founder of Maisha Meds, a Kenya-based health technology company.

Ben earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business with a certificate in Social Innovation and Public Management. He also holds a BA in International Relations from Pomona College and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Hong Kong. Ben enjoys travel, cooking, listening to his wife’s poetry, and spending time with his young family.

Posts by Benjamin Jenson

Reproductive Rights, Health, Justice: A Camber Conversation

Social impact consulting firm Camber Collective has been serving clients and partners in the Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice space for the past five years. In this time, we've been fortunate enough to work with leading organizations in the sector, and as we confronted the likely end of Roe v. Wade, we thought it pertinent to share about the work we've done in collaboration with these partners that is specifically focused on improving and expanding equitable access to abortion services, as well as share some opportunities for people to translate anger and frustration into action.
By: Kate Reynolds Thorson, Benjamin Jenson, Rozella Kennedy

Rural Health Needs a Reboot

America’s rural health business model was built to mimic our urban care delivery infrastructure and incentives. It is a model that has been impractical and ineffective for decades and is entirely unsustainable in the COVID-19 era.
By: Benjamin Jenson, Matt Holman, Gavin Boileau

Black Lives Matter

On May 25th Minneapolis police officers murdered George Floyd while he pleaded for air and his life. His death is one of many in a 400+ year history of white supremacy, structural and institutional racism, exploitation, and indiscriminate violence toward Black people. We want to be clear: Black Lives Matter.
By: Benjamin Jenson