Reproductive Rights, Health, Justice: A Conversation

May 4, 2022US Health

Like many in the social impact space and across the country, we at Camber Collective have been anticipating, but are nonetheless shocked and outraged by, the likely end of Roe v. Wade. This presumed full scale attack and rollback of basic reproductive rights and freedom is unprecedented in our era—particularly as it disproportionately impacts historically and systemically marginalized people and communities already facing intersecting barriers and structural inequities. As a firm and as people, we fully support the rights of all people to determine if, when and how they become pregnant.

Camber has been serving clients and partners in the Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice space for the past decade. In this time, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with leading organizations in the sector, and as we confront the likely end of Roe v. Wade, we thought it pertinent to share about the work we’ve done in collaboration with these partners that is specifically focused on improving and expanding equitable access to abortion services, as well as share some opportunities for people to translate anger and frustration into action.

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Justice Funders Just Transitions for Philanthropy Framework


  • National Network of Abortion Funds: Supports a nationwide network of abortion funds with funding, infrastructure and technical support
  • Northwest Abortion Access Fund: Regional abortion fund providing funding for abortions and practical support serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska
  • Aid Access: international nonprofit sending medication abortion pills by mail, including to states where it is outlawed because they are coming from outside the US. Also offers “advance provision” to get mife and miso for future use
  • Plan C: state-by-state directory for ordering medication abortion pills online
  • If/When/How: RH legal-advocacy group covering bail, expert witnesses and attorney fees for people getting arrested after managing their own abortions
  • Women Help Women: Support self-managed abortion, especially in places where abortion is restricted by laws, stigma and lack of access
  • Yellowhammer Fund: abortion fund and RJ org serving Alabama, Mississippi and the Deep South
  • Shout Your Abortion: decentralized network of individuals creating space for talking about abortion in art, media and in community 
  • Abortion Delivered: nonprofit deploying mobile abortion vans
  • Autonomous Pelvic Care: Appalachia-based RH org teaching courses for community-care providers on self-managed abortion with pills, menstrual extraction, fertility tracking and digital security
  • Mountain Access Brigade: abortion doula services, education, practical support, and financial assistance in Tennessee and Appalachia
  • Abortion Telehealth Providers: