Marc Allen
Engagement Manager

Marc works with donors and investors to analyze social challenges, identify impact opportunities, and mobilize coalitions for change. He aims to expand opportunity and raise the social return of companies and capital.

Having started his career pleading public policy disputes before the World Bank Group, Marc later advised two investment funds advancing consumer health and access to justice. He has led social mobility initiatives spanning education and employment, criminal justice reform and legal rights, mental and physical health, and political representation. More recently, he was appointed Strategy Lead to the Sustainable Development Capital Initiative and co-created the Transparency Index on corporate social impact.

Marc holds a BSc in International Relations from LSE and the UK J.D. equivalent. Based in California, he is a bilingual British-French native and fluent in Spanish. He enjoys contributing to an ‘Encyclopedia of Being’, rooting for the New Orleans Saints and Liverpool FC, sharing wine discoveries, and exploring the marine world.

Posts by Marc Allen

Why is Interest in Economic Mobility Growing in the U.S.?

Economic mobility goes to the heart of the founding ideals of the US – a country that has long portrayed itself as a bastion of economic opportunity. As the accuracy of that narrative comes under collective scrutiny, efforts to advance economic mobility in the US have grown. Initially drawn to the general attractiveness of economic mobility as a social impact issue, many of the stakeholders in this space have been compelled to take action on economic mobility in the face of three longstanding trends: persistently high poverty rates, new evidence of declining economic mobility, and unsustainable levels of wealth concentration. Each of these trends currently limits the prospects of lower- and middle-income individuals and communities ascending the economic ladder. Each trend also allows for a range of stakeholders to engage, by addressing the trends that are most relevant to their unique strategies.
By: Marc Allen, Joseph Zhang