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Care about economic mobility, public health, or democracy? Climate change should be an integral part of your impact strategies

Climate change affects all dimensions of human life. A robust climate response requires a transdisciplinary approach that factors climate considerations into all sectors and strategies. Read more about climate’s overlaps with economic mobility, public health, and democracy and opportunities for enhancing impact in this perspective piece by analyst Roxane Sazegar and partner Bethanie Thomas.
By: Roxane Sazegar, Bethanie Thomas

A New Paradigm for Resource Distribution

As we near a year of coronavirus and lockdowns, what started with debilitating fear of infection, peaked at pandemic fatigue, and now is beginning to curtail with the chance of vaccine-induced safety, one of the most pressing questions of development presents itself yet again: How does one distribute scarce resources?
By: Sakina Zaidi

Our commitment to equity

Camber Co-founders and Partners Brian Leslie and Ted Schneider describe their, and the firm’s, journey to center racial equity in our work.
By: Brian Leslie, Ted Schneider