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Why is Interest in Economic Mobility Growing in the U.S.?

Economic mobility goes to the heart of the founding ideals of the US – a country that has long portrayed itself as a bastion of economic opportunity. As the accuracy of that narrative comes under collective scrutiny, efforts to advance economic mobility in the US have grown. Initially drawn to the general attractiveness of economic mobility as a social impact issue, many of the stakeholders in this space have been compelled to take action on economic mobility in the face of three longstanding trends: persistently high poverty rates, new evidence of declining economic mobility, and unsustainable levels of wealth concentration. Each of these trends currently limits the prospects of lower- and middle-income individuals and communities ascending the economic ladder. Each trend also allows for a range of stakeholders to engage, by addressing the trends that are most relevant to their unique strategies.
By: Marc Allen, Joseph Zhang

Pitchspace – Unlocking Digital Health Innovation and Enterprise Growth

Digital transformation is reshaping the US healthcare system, accelerated by the impact of COVID-19. As healthcare enterprises invest in new digital capabilities, a host of innovative startup solutions are seeking to partner with them in changing the way care is delivered. Despite this favorable mix of innovation supply and demand, the success rate in driving measurable outcomes via enterprise-startup partnerships have been mixed, at best.
By: Matt Holman, Chris Edell

One State, Two Systems | Food Equity Event

California's Food System is one of the most integral in the United States and sets the tone for food systems throughout the country. As such, Camber Collective and the Educational Network for Global and Grassroots Exchange hosted a virtual event to make space for conversation and collaboration around creating a more equitable and resilient food system in the Bay Area. We invite you to view the full video, as our panelists brought so much meaning to this conversation in such a short amount of time.
By: Michaela Crunkleton Wilson

The Joy of Giving

I’ve long believed that everyone can be a philanthropist. Whether your donation is $5 or $5M, what matters is the spirit of generosity and the act of lifting up and acknowledging the people and organizations that are doing good work. To that end, when informed that Camber Collective had decided to walk our Equity talk, by donating 1% of our 2021 revenue to Equity giving, it was only natural that as the Director of Impact and Equity, I wanted to bring the entire team into the spirit of giving
By: Rozella Kennedy

Our Current Marker on an Endless Road

team’s many hours of co-learning, reflecting, appreciation, de-centering, and design of our pathway towards being an equitable firm and a collaborative partner for our clients and their missions. However, as Camber’s new and first Director of Impact and Equity who joined the firm earlier this fall of 2021, I am excited and proud to share my perspective on what we have discovered so far, and the efforts we will continue to pursue. 
By: Rozella Kennedy