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Healthcare x Equity: Paperwork, Pain, Panaceas, and Progress

Part Two of a conversation on US healthcare in our “post-pandemic” moment: the legacy challenges, the current tragic clashes around untreated mental health episodes in public spaces, as well as the current wave of innovation and opportunity that might, if leveraged and supported, help us move towards equitable, quality healthcare.
By: Kim Langenhahn, Rozella Kennedy

Healthcare x Equity: Mission Possible? Pt. One

Join us for a far-reaching conversation about US healthcare and its many facets, angles, deficits—but also opportunities and bright spots in the quest to provide equitable, quality healthcare more broadly to people living in the United States. In Part One, we look at the “end of the pandemic,” and some general facts, figures, and frustrations about US healthcare as it currently is delivered.
By: Kim Langenhahn, Rozella Kennedy

Medicaid in 2023: A Tug of War

In 2023. Medicaid lies in a tug of war between the redetermination process, expanded maternal coverage, and the ongoing struggle for health equity. The stakes for too many, particularly Black and Hispanic expectant mothers, is unacceptably high.
By: Kim Langenhahn